Keep Your Chair Fresh All Year Round: Maintenance Tips from SIDIZ

As 2024 begins, why not take the time to clean and organize every corner of your home, shedding the old year’s dust? Reflecting on the past year, you’ve likely spent a considerable amount of time sitting in chairs. Today, we’ll introduce ways to keep frequently used chairs looking and feeling new for the new year.

Chair Washing and Cleaning Methods

SIDIZ chairs are mostly stain and water-resistant, making them less prone to getting dirty. However, if your chair does become stained, it’s advisable to contact a professional cleaning service. To prevent various stains, using a chair cover is recommended. Some cover items, such as the Ringo cover and the 2-step footrest padding cover, can be washed in water at 40°C. For mesh chairs, due to the material’s nature, washing is not recommended; instead, wiping with a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth is advised.

Just This Simple Change Can Revitalize Your Chair

If your product has been in use for a long time or you’re moving and want to switch to a clean chair without the hassle of replacing it entirely, SIDIZ offers a convenient solution. You can purchase a separate seat plate or get it replaced through A/S, allowing for “self-repair” and enabling the use of the chair with just the necessary parts replaced.

1.  T50 Seat Plate Replacement

A prominent example of a SIDIZ chair with replaceable seat plates is the T50. The T50’s seat plate is adjustable to fit your body shape and posture, with a front part that slopes downwards to not hinder blood circulation in the legs, and its notable thickness provides lasting comfort. If you wish to keep using these advantages, consider replacing the seat plate for a refurbished look.

🔎T50 Seat Plate Replacement Method
The seat plate can be easily replaced without tools by using the velcro on the top and bottom of the seat plate.

For detailed instructions on replacing the T50 seat plate, please visit the T50 product page.

2. Ringo: Replaceable Back/Seat Plates and Covers

Ringo, known as the “best elementary school student chair,” provides an optimal learning space that grows with your child through its 4-stage growth function.

With Ringo, you can freely attach and detach both the back and seat plates, allowing for replacement when contaminated to keep the chair looking new. Natural stains from children’s use can be challenging to keep clean, but the ability to replace only the necessary parts offers the advantage of long-term use. Additionally, the fabric cover, which is washable, can also be replaced.

🔎Seat Plate Cover Attachment/Detachment Method
Firstly, wrap the back of the seat plate with a Ringo cover, ensuring the front of the cover covers the bottom of the seat plate, then smooth out the cover. To detach the seat plate cover, start by peeling off the front bottom flaps.

🔎Back Plate Cover Attachment/Detachment Method
To attach or detach the back plate cover, first remove the back plate and cover it. Hold the top part of the back cushion and tuck the bottom of the cover underneath, then lift the cushion to secure it at the bottom. Click below to learn more about the back plate cover attachment/detachment method.

For detailed instructions on replacing the Ringo plate parts, please visit the Ringo product page.

Chairs play a significant part in our daily lives, so keep them looking new in 2024 using the methods mentioned above. SIDIZ looks forward to being a part of your pleasant day from the moment you sit down in the new year.

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